Reading List


Starting Off the Year....

With 3 Self-Help Books 

I love reading books that give me insight into the way we think and how we perceive those that surround us. If you are the same, you will love Malcom Gladwell's book Blink. Gladwell gives a deep dive into how the human mind can easily extract certain pieces of information through 'thin-slicing' and how predetermined experiences can yield specific outcomes. This is a read that will make you question your biases and rethink your every day thoughts. 

Looking for a lighter read? Check out Dr. Tim Elmore's Habitudes. Elmore presents an image to for each lesson in the book. The images provide a way for the reader to easily comprehend and remember the takeaways of the lesson. Not to spoil too much of the book... but my favorite is the picture of the thermometer/thermostat which alludes to each of our abilities to either set the temperature around us (hence, having an influence on others) or merely to receive the climate set (hence, being influenced by others instead/being a follower).

Lastly, I read How to Be Here by Rob Bell. I love Bell's way with words and his ability to articulate his teachings in every day language. This is a good 'reset' book if you are struggling down a path of unknown. Bell touches on the study of the Japanese phenomenon 'Ikigai'. Bell challenges each of us to figure out our Ikigai and find a job that makes us happy to wake up in the morning.