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Carrot Black Bean Burger

Veggie burgers made with oats, carrots and black beans. Seasoned to perfection with smoked paprika, chili powder and ground cumin. Seriously satisfying, bursting with flavors and delicious enough to please meat-eaters and vegetarians alike!

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Okay, I hope I’m not the only one who gets jealous and hungry when I scroll through food pictures on Instagram. My foodie friends create amazing things like scrumptious buddha bowls, cakes made from cauliflower and mouthwatering vegan burgers. I must admit, I’ve been wanting to try a veggie burger for some time now, but just haven’t been able to make one because I’m always missing at least one ingredient at home, be it tomato, lettuce or burger buns.

On my birthday I went to a vegan restaurant. Naturally, I chose the recommended black bean burger with veggies and vegan mayonnaise.

… I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious it was. It was tender, flavorful and hearty. Every bite was a delight. Ever since then, I’ve been on the search for the perfect black bean burger recipe. I looked up a bunch of recipes on the internet, but I was always missing a couple of things from each recipe, so I tried creating my own. Continue reading