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Peanut Butter Bites

Packed with nuts, oats and dates, these healthy no-bake bites make the perfect snack. They’re loaded with fiber, protein and good fats to fuel you through your day.


I eat a lot when I’m at home. The last few days I haven’t left the house because there’s something wrong with our car and it’s being worked on right now. So I spend a whole lot of time in front of a screen, feel bored after a few hours, stand up, see something to eat, pop it in my mouth and go back to my laptop. It’s a constant cycle.

The next supermarket is at least 15 km away, and with the heat in Thailand, there’s no way I can get there without a car. We’ve run out of fruits and other snacks, and I feel pretty sick from all the sweets I’ve been stuffing myself with these days, so I searched through the kitchen for a few common ingredients to make delicious good-for-you energy bites. Good thing about these bites is that they don’t require any ‘special’ ingredient, you probably have everything at home already, because even I do, and I haven’t hit the supermarket in a week.  Continue reading