Hey there! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Amy. I currently live in Bangkok, Thailand with my parents and sister. I graduated from high school in 2016 and started this blog during the time I was waiting for university admission letters for medical school in Germany. I developed a passion for healthy eating when I was still in high school because I was constantly unhappy about the way I felt physically; bloated, unenergized and moody. After months of searching, I found that nourishing my body with whole and simple foods is what makes me feel best.

And so I picked up a camera, taught myself how to use it, bought a food photography book and started posting my foodie pictures on Instagram. But sharing pictures just wasn’t enough for me. This blog allows me to connect with you better, share my recipe fails and successes, write about the stories behind each delicious creation and encourage you to embrace more plant-based foods into your diet.

Since I am a full-time student, I believe that cooking should be flexible, affordable and possibly even fun! I do not eat meat, so all the recipes on Amy’s Appetite are vegetarian, and mostly even vegan. I believe that simple, whole ingredients can be turned into absolutely delicious creations. I am also a believer that desserts and indulgences are important in a balanced diet. My goal is to inspire you to include healthier food choices into your lifestyle without feeling any sense of deprivation. I want to hear you say: ‘Hey I can’t believe this is healthy!’