Chocolate Chip Muffins

This is the go-to chocolate muffin recipe you’ve been searching for. Made from a moist and vanilla-scented batter, packed with bursts of chocolate chips and baked until golden-brown. 


I’m in Germany now! My hands actually feel numb while typing this, because I’m not used to this cool weather. Yesterday my dad and I landed in Frankfurt at 6 am in the morning after a long long flight. Then we took a shuttle bus for an hour to Heidelberg. Let me tell you, this city is beautiful. We were at the center of the old town yesterday, looking at the famous bridge that crosses the Neckar and the castle ruins. I wish I could tell you how gorgeous everything is, the city is so romantic and picturesque due to its riverside location. I actually stood there on the bridge and let out a long sigh because I hadn’t seen landscape this pretty in a while now.

Then we explored the city’s main road, the Hauptstraße, which was so long it seemed like it would never end. There were countless shops I’d never seen before, I’m so excited to see when they open (it was a Sunday). We had lunch at a Thai restaurant. The portions were so so huge! After that my dad and I took a tram around the city. This was so new to me, especially because of my background in Thailand. The busses and trams are always on time here, it’s crazy. I’ll keep you all updated when the shops and everything opens again.

In the afternoon my dad and I took a tram to go see the apartment I’ll be living in. Only one of my roommates was there, but she’s amazing (Hi Christina!). I measured my bedroom so that I can buy furniture at IKEA as soon as I have time. The kitchen in the apartment is perfect. My roommates have everything. Even a waffle maker! Am I not the luckiest girl in the world? 🙂  I can’t’ wait to be creating again! 

Before I left Thailand to come to Germany, my mother came up with the idea to give some of my relatives and teachers a goodbye present. We were thinking about what this perfect gift should be for weeks, but we couldn’t come up with something that was really genuine and sweet. So I thought I’d bake them all muffins, I mean, who doesn’t like muffins? Or better yet, chocolate chip muffins. They’re perfect to pack into little gift boxes, still taste great after a few days and are easy to make in big batches. 

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

This is my favorite smoothie recipe! It’s creamy, chocolatey, decadent and surprisingly healthy. Made in less than 10 minutes, maybe this smoothie will become your favorite too.


I’m moving to Germany in exactly 10 days. I really look forward to all the cute winter jackets, the hot chocolate before bed and the warm cup of tea in the mornings. It’ll be October when I get there, so the temperature will be much cooler than it ever will be in Thailand. Sure, I look forward to a lot of things, but you know what I’ll miss (in addition to my family and home, of course)? 

You guessed it. Super cold, refreshing smoothies.

I love to have smoothies after a workout, as a dessert, as a treat, as an afternoon snack, for breakfast… oh… all the time actually. While you’re reading this I’m probably slurping on one right now. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Bites

Packed with nuts, oats and dates, these healthy no-bake bites make the perfect snack. They’re loaded with fiber, protein and good fats to fuel you through your day.


I eat a lot when I’m at home. The last few days I haven’t left the house because there’s something wrong with our car and it’s being worked on right now. So I spend a whole lot of time in front of a screen, feel bored after a few hours, stand up, see something to eat, pop it in my mouth and go back to my laptop. It’s a constant cycle.

The next supermarket is at least 15 km away, and with the heat in Thailand, there’s no way I can get there without a car. We’ve run out of fruits and other snacks, and I feel pretty sick from all the sweets I’ve been stuffing myself with these days, so I searched through the kitchen for a few common ingredients to make delicious good-for-you energy bites. Good thing about these bites is that they don’t require any ‘special’ ingredient, you probably have everything at home already, because even I do, and I haven’t hit the supermarket in a week.  Continue reading

Carrot Black Bean Burger

Veggie burgers made with oats, carrots and black beans. Seasoned to perfection with smoked paprika, chili powder and ground cumin. Seriously satisfying, bursting with flavors and delicious enough to please meat-eaters and vegetarians alike!

untitled (15 of 1479)

Okay, I hope I’m not the only one who gets jealous and hungry when I scroll through food pictures on Instagram. My foodie friends create amazing things like scrumptious buddha bowls, cakes made from cauliflower and mouthwatering vegan burgers. I must admit, I’ve been wanting to try a veggie burger for some time now, but just haven’t been able to make one because I’m always missing at least one ingredient at home, be it tomato, lettuce or burger buns.

On my birthday I went to a vegan restaurant. Naturally, I chose the recommended black bean burger with veggies and vegan mayonnaise.

… I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious it was. It was tender, flavorful and hearty. Every bite was a delight. Ever since then, I’ve been on the search for the perfect black bean burger recipe. I looked up a bunch of recipes on the internet, but I was always missing a couple of things from each recipe, so I tried creating my own. Continue reading

Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Bursting with fresh blueberries and delicately soft with a fluffy, airy texture, these blueberry muffins are quick and easy to whip up. They happen to be vegan too. 

blueberry muffins (8 of 16)

 A while ago I challenged myself to come up with a recipe for vegan blueberry muffins. 

The first batch of (banana) blueberry muffins were just BAD. It was a mistake on my part to use frozen blueberries, because they just bled into the batter as soon as I added them and the result was greenish-blue muffins. Also the texture of the muffins was way too moist, soggy even. The muffins didn’t rise at all and stayed flat until the end. It was sad. 

For the second batch of muffins I adjusted the recipe and omitted the bananas, added more flour and less liquid. I didn’t think it was possible to make muffins that were worse than the first batch, but somehow it happened. These muffins turned out super dense, dry and hard as rock. They also had a gummy rubber-like texture, and wouldn’t even peel from the paper liners. That was sad too.

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Cinnamon Raisin Granola

If you like cinnamon rolls, then this sweet and crunchy granola is for you! Homemade granola is incredibly easy to make and so much healthier than store-brought.

cinnamon raisin granola (10 of 23)

I’ve been shopping a lot lately. Because I am absolutely terrified of winter time in Germany, I’ve been stocking up on lots of sweaters, jeans, jackets (more jackets than I actually need), boots and socks, the really cute thick kind. My mom and I have also made a checklist of all the things I need to buy before leaving Thailand. We’ve hit tons of shopping malls the last few days.

The other day I was starving after having walked around for hours and carrying a huge amount of shopping bags, I walked past a Cinnabon store. 

Oh man. Doesn’t the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls aka the one that tortures hungry people in shopping malls, wafting all around you makes you wanna drop everything immediately and stuff one in your mouth? Well, I couldn’t 🙁 It was almost time for dinner and my mom was just plain mean (love you, mom!).  

But hey, looking on the bright side, I wouldn’t have come up with this delicious Cinnabon-inspired granola recipe if I hadn’t been craving cinnamon rolls like crazy that day. Continue reading

Black Bean and Rice Burritos

These black bean and rice burritos are a flavorful and easy-to-make dish that you will love. Packed full of delicious whole foods, these come together in less than 35 minutes and can be frozen up to 3 weeks! 

bean and rice burritos (6 of 10)

I was at the German embassy yesterday for my visa appointment. My dad and I left the house at about 5.30 am in the morning and had breakfast in the car, all to avoid the oh-so-famous Bangkok rush hour traffic. Well, we arrived at the embassy about an hour too early. That wouldn’t have been so bad, if I weren’t nervous and freaking out and dreading every minute of waiting. When I’m nervous and excited, I tend to talk a lot. Like, a lot. It probably annoyed the heck out of everyone in the embassy, including my dad, but I couldn’t help it. Then we were called into the interview room, where I gave the embassy staff all the required documents, answered her questions, got my fingerprints scanned and then we were done in less than 10 minutes. Ah the feeling of relief!

Now there’s actually nothing more to do than to just wait, wait and wait till I get to pick up my visa in a couple of weeks. So I’m back to creating things in the kitchen, making huge messes (and making my mom mad), taking pictures and blogging again! Feels so good to be back. 

Since I am going to become a full-time medical student in a month, it’s important to me that I keep my food recipes simple, quick and easy. Oh, and don’t forget filling, you can’t study on an empty stomach! Now here’s where the burritos come in. There are a couple reasons why they make the absolutely perfect dish for students (and other busy people):

  1. These burritos come together in less than 35 minutes. 
  2. Throw in whatever leftovers you have, rice, veggies, meat, cheese etc. as tasty extras.
  3. They freeze well up to 3 weeks.
  4. They’re super filling and will keep you feeling satisfied for hours.
  5. They’re delicious.

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Vanilla Chia Pudding

Nothing gets me out of bed faster than the thought of a ready-made breakfast that’s been waiting for me in the fridge the night before. Now imagine the breakfast was healthy and features the popular superfood chia seeds.

strawberry chia pudding (1 of 5)

Here’s an update about my whole Germany situation. I know I’m going to sound like an idiot writing all this, because I was so depressed and worried out of my mind on my last post, and you’ll find it hard to believe but honestly, everything seems to be working out now. The bank sent me an email on Tuesday saying my account has been opened successfully. I went to transfer some money on that same day, and the very next day I received a balance confirmation. You see, I didn’t plan for everything to happen so quickly, so initially my visa appointment wasn’t for a few weeks. I did manage to change my appointment date yesterday, and now it’s set for today. I am so crazy nervous and excited, I barely slept. Wish me good luck 🙂 

Back to the post (because I really regret not having made some chia pudding last night), chia seeds have become SO popular the last few years and are consumed by health conscious people all over the world. And honestly, when you tell people you had chia pudding for breakfast, they’ll think you’re super duper healthy, and that’s a cool thing.

Anyways, chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and minerals. When soaked in liquid, these seeds expand to more than 4 times their original size and have this gooey gelatinous texture.

And that’s how to make chia pudding! I simply soak the chia seeds overnight in some plant-based milk with all the other ingredients, fast forward 9 hours (I sleep a lot), wake up in the morning and enjoy my very own chia pudding with fruits. I like having some sliced strawberries and crunchy homemade granola with this basic vanilla chia pudding. Continue reading

Dragon Fruit Coconut Overnight Oats

Wake up to this pink bowl of healthy goodness. Made in 5 minutes and with 5 ingredients, this makes an amazing go-to breakfast during a busy week.

dragonfruit overnight oats (6 of 6)

Anyone who has been following me on Instagram for a while knows that my absolute favorite color is pink! The girly, bright, fresh kind of pink that makes me happy to look at.

Well, I’ve been having such a bad time recently. There’s been so many problems with opening a bank account in Germany, which is a requirement when asking for a student visa to go study there. I’ve been feeling down, angry, crying a lot at night, and just so so frustrated. That’s why I haven’t been cooking, posting, or blogging very much. These things used to calm me down and make me feel better, but it’s been so hard for me the last few days. I don’t have any new ideas, and I don’t feel motivated to get creative like I normally do. It’s been really difficult for me.  I am so scared that I won’t be able to go study what I’ve always wanted to 🙁

I’m not going to lie, I made this breakfast a long while ago, but haven’t been able to bring myself to write a blog post about it. Anyways, I dragged myself out of bed today. I know it’s wrong to let something I can’t control bring me down like this, so I thought I would try blogging again to get my mind off things. I told you pink made me happy, so here’s a blog post dedicated to a breakfast that resembles how I want the future to be: bright, simple and good.

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Thai Black Rice Pudding

This is a traditional Thai dessert: luscious black rice pudding drizzled with coconut milk. Vegan and gluten-free, sweet and creamy, this is a great dessert for everyone.

black rice pudding (7 of 7)

You know how much I like desserts right? There was nothing I wanted more after a long day at school than to come back home with something sweet waiting for me on the dining table. If there wasn’t, I would search through the fridge to find a little piece of chocolate or candy or anything really, to give me some energy.

Yes, school is very tiring.

I also loved sneaking in a piece of sweet into school exams, pretended to cough and stuff that thing inside my mouth. 

But I was born in Thailand and I didn’t grow up with desserts like cupcakes, chocolate or ice-cream. Not that I don’t like them, but coming home to a bowl of traditional Thai dessert made by my mom always made me feel like the luckiest kid on earth. I would drop my backpack instantly, go grab a spoon and just dig in. My mom makes a lot of Thai desserts, and one of my favorites would be coconut black rice pudding. My dad also loves it, there’s nothing he wouldn’t eat that has coconut milk in it.  Continue reading